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* Want to conserve water while saving money?
* Do you want or need to manage H2O irrigation cost?
* Wrestling with how to accommodate ever changing water authority restrictions when setting your timer control?
* Interested in a system that can evolve as new technologies become available?
* Looking for a system that can simplify and provide adaptive scheduling automatically?
* Interested in being water wise while you enjoy the esthetic and financial benefits of a lush green lawn?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then it's time for a change!
Do your part - make every drop count!
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Lake Valley Engineering (LVE) is an entrepreneurial company located near Boulder, Colorado. The LVE flagship product is a clean tech, multi-threaded PC program, empowering our clients to manage their irrigation needs like a pro! The Intelligent Sprinkler Control program, or ISC, harnesses the power of the customers PC for advanced irrigation management. LVE clients enjoy the benefits of improved irrigation methodologies, resulting in savings of up to 35% in irrigation costs. At the same time, LVE clients are contributing to one of society’s biggest challenges, conserving our most important natural resource - water.

ISC provides a means to irrigate using sophisticated algorithms and methods perhaps found only on more expensive or extravagant systems. The program utilizes Internet resources to determine the correct amount of irrigation, eliminating guesswork typical of less capable timer solutions. In addition, the program is limited in resource management only by the constraints of the clients PC. The program does not cost anything to acquire, payment is based on a consumption model facilitated by an embedded metering system. In most cases, savings on water cost as the result of program use easily cover the cost of the program

Whether you are managing irrigation for your own home, a commercial site, agriculture, or an 18-hole golf course, this program facilitates all of your irrigation control needs. Our payment model is based on your use and satisfaction. If you aren't happy with ISC results, stop using it and pay no additional fees!

To learn more about these and many other amenities of this program, visit the ISC product page.

Our charter is to deliver Internet based applications and/or appliances covering a broad spectrum. Our goal is to morph aged technologies into more modern and capable product that may yield economic and/or social benefit to our clients. Our technologies manage complex systems through automation utilizing advanced algorithms, modeling techniques, vast resources of the Internet, and a strong dose of common sense.

LVE products target the Home, Commercial, Agriculture, and OEM Markets. Our primary focus is on system design, quality, and personalized customer care.